The 2020 Tunisian Government and Covid-19: The Hardest of Onsets?



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On the 26th February 2020, the Tunisian parliament approved the composition of a new government, more than four months after the country’s legislative and presidential elections.[1]  The process was hard and lengthy, having failed once before when the previously designated figure to form a government, Habib Jemli, failed to secure the parliament’s confidence vote.[2] Jemli was selected by Ennahdha, the Islamist party that won the latest legislative elections, following the procedure dictated by the 2014 constitution[3].


Read Full Report (PDF)



 >  Post-2011 Tunisia's difficulties to form governments could prominently be explained by its complex electoral system


 >  The Tunisian government has mobilized great financial resources to alleviate the socio-economic consequences of COVID-19 yet many Tunisians remain excluded from the aids' scope


 >  Social dissatisfaction, already very much present in the country pre-COVID, is growing as the lockdown is maintained