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Post-Patriarchal Security: Inclusion and Equity for the other 55%
18 March 2021 Explore
The US Presidential Crossroads:Foreign Policy Implications for the MENA Region
03 December 2020 Explore
Yemen’s Humanitarian Aid Response Plan: Biometric Technology and Civilian Security
08 October 2020 Explore
Rethinking governance and security in the Sahel: towards an action-oriented approach
16 July 2020 Explore
20 years into the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
17 June 2020 Explore
Latest Developments in Libya: Finding a Way Forward
28 May 2020 Explore
2020 Transatlantic Security Jam: securing the Post-COVID Future
12 May 2020 Explore
Turkey's Deepening Deterioration of Human Rights: From Emergency to a Perpetual Crackdown
27 January 2020 Explore
Avoiding Multi-State Conflict in the Middle East: How the EU can Foster Regional Peace
11 December 2019 Explore
Mounting challenges in EU-Turkey Relations: Defining Ways Forward
20 November 2019 Explore
Pursuit of Diplomacy in the Middle East - Public Lecture at the London School of Economics
15 November 2019 Explore
How the EU and NATO Should Tackle Trans-Atlantic Challenges - Interactive Dialogue
04 April 2019 Explore
The Return of Great Power Politics: Countering Hybrid Threats to Europe - BIC Conference
20 March 2019 Explore
Leveraging a New Security Partnership Between Europe and Africa - Expert Roundtable
27 November 2018 Explore
Brussels International Center Holds its First Event in Paris in Partnership with Sciences Po Monde Arabe
23 November 2018 Explore
The Paris Peace Forum: An Innovative Platform for Pragmatic Solutions
14 November 2018 Explore