BIC reacts to the declaration made by Borrell on the situation in Libya

Submitted by BIC on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 14:07


In agreement with the declaration made by High Representative Josep Borrell in regards to the continued fighting in Libya despite the threat of the coronavirus outbreak, the BIC urges all sides to immediately cease hostilities in order to constructively work to further avoid humanitarian catastrophe. The BIC's Political Analyst for North Africa, Ben Lowings, said "The global viral outbreak we are all facing should have provided the incentive for parties to pause fighting in order to prepare Libya's fragmented, and stretched health system. We have seen that the parties decided not to take this opportunity to prevent further bloodshed.


However, the effect of the virus on Libya has only just begun, and Libya is reporting eight cases of COVID-19 as of today. There is little time to waste." For more information, please check our latest publication which brings an in-depth analysis of the situation in Libya in view of the COVID-19 global outbreak: