Our revenue:

In 2019 BIC`s total revenue was €371,771,00. This amount was contributed through participation fees (Board of Directors memberships), private donations, and contributions to costs of events, reports or other projects. Funding may be unrestricted or tied to specific projects or programmes.


The BIC annually publish a full financial report detailing income, donations, expenses, and finances. In full transparency, this report is verified by an independent accountant, and published on the Belgium Monitoring System. In addition, the BIC is registered at the EU Transparency Register, which can be found here:


It should be stressed that the objectives of our activities is to foster discussion and provide forward-thinking, pragmatic, and concrete analyses to policy-makers, governments, and civil society. We bring added value to the highest levels of political discourse by bringing systemic issues to the forefront of the conversation. In this way, we do not to push any specific political or business interest.