The BIC Podcast Series

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The “The MENA Talks” is a podcast series by the BIC. Our three hosts will engage with international, regional, and local experts to explore many underlying historical, economic, social, and political drivers behind today’s multidimensional challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Ben Lowings

This podcast series will discuss the roles and consequences of international actors on ongoing conflict and crises in the MENA region. Discussion themes will focus on the effect of multinational organizations such as the UN, EU and AU, and how they can utilize their tools to better support peace-building and development goals across the MENA

Yasmine Akrimi

This podcast segment will discuss the making of politics from the margins in the Maghreb. (Re)placing at the heart of the debate recent years’ social movements, this series of episodes will attempt to understand the way non-traditional actors are reshaping the socioeconomic landscape in the region through collective action.

Elisa Chery

This podcast series will focus on the geopolitical aspects that are impacting the Middle East, including actors beyond the European Union, such as the United States, Russia and China. The host will engage in more thematic aspects of the Middle East that involve multiple countries, or regionally based topics that can be specified through interactions with relevant and knowledgeable guests. And Then for each episode there will be a concept written just next ( or under) the audio interview published on the website.

Ep. 1 - Elections and Legitimacy in 2021 Libya

On new governments, corruption allegations and the push for elections, the BIC's Political Analyst, Ben Lowings, is joined by Lorenzo Marinone to discuss developments in Libya. What are some of the initial challenges for interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and how can the international community help?