2020 Transatlantic Security Jam: securing the Post-COVID Future


The BIC is delighted to be a Supporter and VIP Contributor at the online "2020 Transatlantic Security Jam: securing the Post-COVID Future"



The 2020 Security Jam is a global online brainstorm on international security challenges, hosted by IBM and coordinated by The Partnership for Peace Consortium. Friends of Europe collaborates with these partners, as well as the other international think tanks involved, including among others the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), the Atlantic Council of the US, and the George C Marshall Center.


This year’s Transatlantic Security Jam focuses on the overarching topic of “Securing the Post-COVID Future”. This massive global brainstorm, to be held entirely online, brings together hundreds of experts from all over the world, from politics and the military, to civil society organisations and universities, the media and business via written contributions and interactions.


VIP contributors, similar to speakers at a real-world conference, come online at regular intervals to share their perspective with jammers and sound out this global community on specific issues.


The Security Jam will be divided into 6 discussion forums. Conversations will be moderated continuously by senior think-tankers from around the world and a team of junior experts. Debates will go broad for the first day, after which moderators will steer the discussions towards concrete recommendations by the end of the three-day online event. Moderators use the in-depth data mining tools of the Jam platform to identify emerging ideas and leading Jammers. Theme clouds and other useful tools are used throughout the three days.


The 2020 Transatlantic Jam will feed into a report summarising the attitudes, perceptions and innovative ideas of our jammers on how to secure the Post-COVID future. Participants in the forums will interact directly with VIPs and speakers from around the world. The Jam’s top recommendations and its in-depth report will be distributed to leaders around the globe.


This event is by invitation only.

More information : https://www.friendsofeurope.org/events/2020-transatlantic-security-jam-securing-the-post-covid-future/#partners
Banner Image CREDIT: Christian Lue on Unsplash