BIC – department AVERA participate as a member of the Intercontinental Cultural Parliament and met via virtual, with the presence of its eminent members and personalities from different regions of the world

Submitted by BIC on Tue, 05/19/2020 - 16:50


Representatives from 27 countries in 5 continents participated in Intercontinental Cultural Parliament meeting to promote the uniqueness of nations’ culture as a strength to foster social and economic development and the peaceful co-existence of citizens.  


On May 10th the Intercontinental Cultural Parliament conveyed during a 3 hour virtual meeting, bringing dignitaries from all of the world together.  Unavoidably the global Covid-19 crisis with the social-economic fall-out made an important discussion topic.  It was generally agreed that the crisis is largely the result of not adequately addressing a myriad of systemic challenges facing humanity, challenges that require a transformative cultural revolution.


At the heart only culture and education has the power to truly transform the world and society, through the instilment of noble values that bring out the best in humanity and will automatically lead to greater cooperation, solidarity, fair justice, innovation etc., thereby ensuring that the new world order will be inclusive and able to address the great challenges that lie ahead. 


The role of the Intercontinental Cultural Parliament is aimed at just that: each nation promoting the beauty and nobility of its social-cultural roots through their diplomatic cultural ambassadors with support of and coordination with governments, institutions and international organizations.  As a result nations shall interact and cooperate with each other based on mutual respect for the unique identity, values and contribution that each culture can bring in order to create a peaceful and inclusive world for all.


This requires the sustainable consolidation and protection of human and cultural capital in areas such as tourism exchange, ‘intellectual and cultural’ rights, heritage protection, cultural world-views/visions and others, where possible through diplomatic legal regulations. 


For the Intercontinental Cultural Parliament culture is simultaneously the essence of what makes us human and the result of humanity’s passions and efforts.  A such culture manifests in consciousness; science and technology; education; arts; values-systems; the sports; folklore; and beliefs (myths, legends, religions) etc.  Therefore the systematic and conscious understanding and management of culture is the best way to create well-being, belonging, progress and harmony both within and between cultures.  At the same time it is a source of endless wonder, learning, exchange, inspiration and love. 


The foundation of the Intercontinental Cultural Parliament represents a historic fact and opportunity in achieving these objectives.  One of its short-term goals is the training and accreditation of cultural ambassadors with diplomatic privileges. 


At the end of the meeting, the official anthem and website of the Parliament was presented.



Brussels International Center for Research & Human Rights (BIC-RHR) - Department AVERA (Analysis of Violent Extremism and Radicalization) is an independent, non-profit, think-and-do tank based in the capital of Europe that is committed to developing solutions to address the cyclical drivers of insecurity, extremism, economic fragility, and conflict the Middle East and North Africa.


The Intercontinental Cultural Parliament is a consultative body for the United Nations Organization with the mission to solve of the global challenges through strengthening intra- and intercultural dialogue, exchange and participation.



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