About BIC



The Brussels International Center (BIC) is an independent, non-profit, think-and-do tank based in the capital of Europe that is committed to developing solutions to address the cyclical drivers of insecurity, economic fragility, and conflict the Middle East and North Africa. BIC works to identify and explore underlying historical, economic, social, and political drivers behind today’s multidimensional and global challenges, and uses this research to provide forward-thinking, pragmatic, and concrete analyses to policy-makers, governments, and civil society. We bring added value to the highest levels of political discourse by bringing systemic issues to the forefront of the conversation.


BIC is committed to a multifaceted approach to conflict that incorporates robust analyses of the intersectionality between local factors, geopolitical trends, socioeconomic and gender inequalities, and neocolonial dynamics. We use a combination of interdisciplinary strengths, research specializations and unique cultural experiences to produce valuable insights into fragile and conflict affected situations, conducting both qualitative and quantitative analysis, while providing data-driven recommendations.


Our goal is to use research to promote human rights, peace, and security by informing policy-makers, building partnerships, and promoting community engagement. We create impact by engaging leaders at the national, regional, and international level in constructive dialogues that facilitate deeper learning, move past superficial talking points, and address systemic issues that often go overlooked.  By creating collaborative spaces that engage leaders, civil society, and ordinary people in challenging debates, we seek to re-conceptualize the way in which all stakeholders relate to policy by translating multifaceted challenges into pragmatic, understandable, and usable solutions. The BIC builds connections. Between leaders, researchers, communities, and civil society. We hope that these bridges will help break down cultural boundaries, and promote more peaceful and resilient societies.

Board of Directors


H.E Ambassador Marc Otte



Jean-François Fechino



Hadia Shurafa

Office Manager & Human Resources

Our team

Koen Metsu

Senior Advisor, AVERA Department

Brahim Laytouss

Head of AVERA Department

Fernando Aguiar

Strategic Advisor on Conflict & EU Politics

Brandon Locke

Strategic Adviser for Security Policy & Planning

Yasmine Akrimi

North Africa Research Analyst

Elisa Cherry

Middle East Analyst

Ben Lowings

Political Analyst

Yousif Kharoubi

Media and Communication Manager

Wim Van Laere

Advisor, AVERA Department

Dr. Kader A. Abderrahim

Research Advisor and Senior Lecturer at Sciences-Po University Paris