Themes of Conflict

Submitted by BIC on Fri, 01/04/2019 - 17:04

Our Approach

As a complementary component to our regionally focused articles, Themes of Conflict is a monthly series of publication focused on MENA conflict themes, rather than specific regions. This project focuses on highlighting the geopolitical, economic, and historical drivers of conflict and political instability, with a view towards producing innovative strategies to build sustainable peace. This includes research into the causes and effects of sustained forced displacement, resource competition, and radicalization, with a parallel focus on inclusive conflict resolution strategies.  This research project also focuses on evaluating regional migration and refugee policies, and building coherence between human mobility, international law, and sustainable development. The initial umbrella categories included in this project are: Conflict Resolution; Demographics; Environment & Climate; Energy & Transit and Socio-economics.

Themes of Conflict Podcast

The BIC Podcast is a new series that offers a different informal engagement with our work and a globally relevant journey into the most pressing issues of our time. The themes explore underlying aspects of conflict and potential prospects for peaceful resolutions. We create impact by making connections and engaging with personalities at national, regional and international level in constructive face-to-face conversations that attempt to facilitate learning and exploration.


Episode 1 (audio only):

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