Wilson Fache


Wilson Fache is covering the Middle East as a freelance writer since 2015. His work focuses on the political, cultural, and social aspects of conflicts and popular uprisings, with bylines in Libération, Le Figaro, Haaretz, Al-Monitor, L’Orient-Le Jour, RFI, and RTBF. 

Wim Van Laere

For the first part of his professional career, Wim was active in business in areas such as human resources, change management, business development and executive management with posting in several countries in Europe, North-America and Asia.  He later became engaged in projects and research around the root causes and possible outcomes of immanent and radical global disruption, in particular in areas such as monetary systems, finance and economy, geopolitics, ecology and civil society.

Koen Metsu


Since 2014, Koen Metsu has been a member of the Federal Parliament on the Internal Affairs Committee where he closely monitoring  the topics  of "security", "radicalization" and "terrorism". From 2015 to 2018, he chaired the new temporary committee  "Counter Terrorism" and met numerous researchers and experts.

Brahim Laytouss

Brahim Laytouss is General Director of IDARA, The Islamic Development and Research Academy, in Ghent.  He is a scholar and is a Professor at the Faculty for Comparative Study of Religions and Humanism, in Antwerp. He is also specialized in Islamic movements in Europe, and is an Islamic expert for Deradiant that offers guidance in jails and aftercare for prisoners in order to counter violent radicalism.

Elisa Cherry

Elisa Cherry is Master’s graduate from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies in International Conflict and Security from the University of Kent and is currently pursuing an Advanced Masters from KU Leuven in Quantitative Data Analysis. Elisa earned her Bachelorʼs in International Relations from Montana State University, where she became interested in researching the Middle East and Central Asia. Elisaʼs specific interests within the Middle East lie within humanitarian assistance, security strategy and counter-terrorism.

Yasmine Akrimi

Yasmine Akrimi is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Sciences from Ghent University. Yasmine holds a Law degree from her native Tunisia and an MA in International Conflict and Security with Migration from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. In the wake of the Arab spring, she gained interest in democratization and transitional justice processes. Her current focus is on political transitions and social movements in the Maghreb. Yasmine speaks fluent Arabic, French and English. 


Brandon Locke

Brandon has spent six years working in diplomacy, human rights, and development, and specialises in research related to conflict, security, and International Humanitarian law. He currently works full-time as Policy and Advocacy Manager for The ONE Campaign, where he focuses on EU-Africa relations, development finance, and migration policy. He provides counsel and expertise on security policy, defence, and strategic planning to BIC. He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from Duke University and a M.A. in International Development at the University of Kent.

Ben Lowings

Ben Lowings is a Master’s graduate in International Relations with International Conflict and Security from the University of Kent. Ben gained his Bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of Durham, where he became interested in issues of international ethics. He built experience working with international development organizations on vocational training and education programs in Tanzania and Chile, before acquiring further experience in civil society advocacy towards the European Union in Brussels.

Yousif Kharoubi

Holder of a degree in journalism and media in Brussels. He has more than five years’ experience in program coordination, communication, media and public relations. He has extensive experience in the management of materials for media Coverage and social networking pages. He worked as a TV program coordinator for more than two years, and was involved in the diplomatic field as a public relations officer at the UAE embassy in Brussels. Yousif speaks Arabic, English and French.