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Press Release : “The US Presidential Crossroads: Foreign Policy Implications for the MENA Region”

Submitted by BIC on Fri, 12/04/2020 - 14:04


On 03 December 2020, the Brussels International Center held an online event on the implications of the US election results in the Middle-East and North Africa region. The event brought together a selected group of high-level experts, EU officials, and ambassadors to discuss and explore the geopolitical ramifications of the next four years of US foreign policy in the region.


Between Regime Oppression and a Sedentary European Union: Insights into Artists and Human Rights Violations in Turkey

At a Glance:

Human rights violations have been ongoing in Turkey for decades, bolstered through an unjust legal system that results in the systemic grievances that the EU has failed to properly address. This report finds that these violations disproportionately impact artists, academics, lawyers and activists who express opposition against the regime.