Shada Islam joins the BIC as Senior Commentator on Geopolitics

Submitted by BIC on Mon, 02/22/2021 - 11:27



The BIC is pleased to announce the recent addition of Shada Islam to its team of external senior experts. A lifelong commentator, advisor, analyst and strategist on EU affairs, Shada has built her expertise in multi-disciplinary way on questions related to Europe’s relations to Africa and Asia, while also succintly observing  geopolitic dynamics in these regions, as well as trade relations. Moreover, Shada incorporates relevant questions about inclusion and diversity on her research.


Shada is a member of the European Policy Centre’s Strategic Council and Senior Adviser for its Europe in the World programme. She is also a founder member of the EU-Asia Centre. She worked for nine years as Director of Europe and Geopolitics at Friends of Europe and now runs her own Brussels-based global strategy and advisory company, New Horizons Project.


At the BIC, Shada will collaborate as a Senior Commentator on Geopolitics, contributing to written commentaries on EU-MENA relations. Her first commentary for the BIC will be launched on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on 8 March and will discuss the new EU’s agenda for the Mediterranean, with a particular focus on engagement with women and youth.