BIC Responds to HRVP Borrell's comments on supplying EU weapons for peace in Africa

Submitted by BIC on Wed, 03/04/2020 - 09:45


BIC Responds to HRVP Josep Borrell's comments on supplying EU weapons for peace in Africa

Last week, HRVP Joesp Borrell and 22 European Commissioners traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the 10th AU-EU Commissioner meeting with the African Union, to discuss the EU's upcoming communication on a new strategy with Africa. During this meeting, HRVP Borrell provoked some controversy by arguing that the EU should use its proposed off-budget European Peace Facility to supply more lethal weapons to Africa to achieve peace.


Brandon Locke, Strategic Adviser at BIC said: "While HRVP Borrell is correct that stability is the key to unlocking Africa’s potential growth and prosperity, past experience shows that this cannot be achieved my military means alone. If the EU wants to be a more effective security partner with African states and the AU, it should ensure that the European Peace Facility is used to tackle horizontal inequalities and social exclusion, resource competition, and conflict resolution. Where military support is necessary, the EU should ensure any assistance is geared towards protection and human security, and delivered with strong safeguards and efforts to improve defence transparency and accountability.


Notwithstanding these remarks, HRVP Borrell should be commended for his announcement that the EU will support the democratic transition in Sudan with €100 million, which shows notable commitment to achieving lasting peace. Particularly ahead of the upcoming G5 Sahel Summit in Brussels next March, European leaders should be considering other ambitious strategies to address the drivers of fragility and instability, not just the symptoms."