Een islamitische kijk op besmettelijke ziektes ( Coronavirus als voorbeeld ) en Hoe juiste islamitische denkbeelden kunnen bijdragen tot het bevorderen van volksgezondheid en het welzijn ( Dutch)

Sinds het uitbreken van het nieuwe Coronavirus in de stad Wuhan in  China ,  eind december 2019 ; zijn de gesprekken en debatten over het coronavirus wereldwijd en ook hier bij ons in België ,  niet meer weg te denken . Het gaat  zelfs zover ,  dat het impact ( Sociaal-economisch , Fysisch –Psychisch en ja zelfs Menselijk en Religieus ) overweldigend is.


Welcome Letter to EU Leaders

BIC President, Ambassador Marc Otte, welcomes new EU leaders with words of advice on three key issues that will shape an audacious agenda for a stronger and smarter Global Europe, and ensure that the EU demonstrates true leadership in an unpredictable geopolitical arena with emerging actors and new challenges (

Sudan: Relating Identity Politics and Cyclical Violence

At A Glance:

Following months of protests since al-Bashir’s removal from power, there has been some semblance of hope in Sudan following the signing of a power-sharing agreement in July 2019 between the leaders of the pro-democracy movement and the transitional military council, the latter running the country in the absence of a new President. However, a key missing element of the agreement was how to account for the violence that marred the protest period.

Iran and Climate Refugees: an Alarming Situation

For past decades Iran has been suffering from an environmental crisis as a result of inefficient water and natural resources management and lack of enforcement of existing environmental regulations. This has led to constant drought-related water shortages and flooding throughout the country. The Iranian authorities, on their side, are blaming climate change and instrumentalizing their international sanctions as a justification for this crisis.