Between Regime Oppression and a Sedentary European Union: Insights into Artists and Human Rights Violations in Turkey

At a Glance:

Human rights violations have been ongoing in Turkey for decades, bolstered through an unjust legal system that results in the systemic grievances that the EU has failed to properly address. This report finds that these violations disproportionately impact artists, academics, lawyers and activists who express opposition against the regime. It shows how the current legal structure within Turkey has enabled human rights violations to continue in nearly all levels of society and is representative of the influence that the executive powers have exerted over the judiciary for decades. Furthermore, the European Court of Human Rights’ (ECHR) judgements on Turkey have proven to be ineffective in supporting international institutions’ ability to improve the human rights situation for artists and activists in Turkey. As such, the outcomes of this set of research aim to identify active measures that the EU (more particularly the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights) and the ECHR  can take to improve the support to artists and activists in Turkey. 


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