Pursuit of Diplomacy in the Middle East - Public Lecture at the London School of Economics

Hosted by the London School of Economics UNSOC on 15 November

The Brussels International Center, in partnership with the London School of Economics UNSOC, hosted a public lecture and panel discussion: “The Pursuit of Diplomacy in the Middle East”, featuring a keynote address by BIC President Ambassador Marc Otte, who offered an analysis on recent developments in the Middle East and potential avenues for renewed diplomacy in the region.


  • • Mr. Ali Bhagat, University of Manchester

  • • Ms. Sandra Pogodda, University of Manchester

  • • Mr. Richard Caplan, University of Oxford

  • • Mr. Sayed Razawi, Director General United Nations House Scotland

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Event Summary:

Ambassador Otte integrated his experience as a European diplomat in the region to provide valuable insights on modern realities. As the global, regional and sub-national dimensions of the Syrian war continue to unfold, protests brew in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria, renewed discussions of Russian influence in the region continue, and developments in Israel Palestine “are pushing us ever further” from achieving a viable peaceful solution, the Middle East increasingly serves as the perfect landscape to understanding the true meaning and value of modern diplomacy.


A panel of 5 speakers then joined the Conversation, and discussed the current obstacles to international peace and conflict resolution and the complex realities of the Middle Eastern region. The panel allowed attendees, mainly comprised of university students, to further engage with the topics. The event was moderated by Mr. Fernando Aguiar, BIC Strategic Advisor on Conflict and EU Politics.