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This project aims to facilitate the exchange of skills and assist in the growth of refugees’ capacities through developing a replicable model for sharing professionally specific skills and experiences between artisans and other creative professionals.

Artisanal and creative skills can help to build and develop an economy, these skills have significant relevance for the construction of a new community. This project aims to connect professionals across cultural boundaries by building a replicable model for sharing of employability skills between local professionals and refugees.

Phoebus’ Goals

Design a shared space for cross cultural professional learning.

Create an opportunity for contact and cooperation/ collaboration

Promote understanding between refugees and host country residence, through skills transfer sessions and sharable video content of these exchanges.

Foster skills transference to combat skills atrophy and provide a place for the exchange of artisanal skills.

Brainstorming Session

July, 13th 2017

As part of our social outreach program, we hosted artisans who happen to be refugees living in Brussels to help us design our Skills Transference Project, Phoebus.

The meeting aimed at understanding the needs and challenges they have faced since arriving in Belgium, for the creation of workshops and activities that will support and help bridge these difficulties.

Next Steps

Tailoring Workshop:
to be hosted on Winter 2017-2018

Stay tuned for details on this workshop.