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Board of Directors

Jean-François Fechino


After spending many years in the world of high-level politics as an advisor in election marketing strategy, Jean-François Fechino led a parallel career in consulting for business development. This experience led him to become a specialist in the field, particularly in Corporate Social Responsibility.

For the past three years, he was the head of the International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights in Geneva, prior to heading the Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights. Languages: French and English

Ramadan Abu Jazar

Head of the Research Department

Ramadan whose interest lie at the politics of the Middle-East, North Africa and the Gulf, has built his expertise in a directive and comprehensive way, focusing on human rights, security and development in the aforementioned regions. He has been involved in a number of projects pertaining to elections observations and has also advised several institutions and policy center in Europe.

In addition to this, Ramadan enjoys an extensive political and parliamentary relation in many international forums and is expert in European Affairs to many Arab media. In addition to his Bachelor in Physical Education from the University of Mostaganem in Algeria and a specialty in Civil Society Organizations at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Languages: Arab, French and English


Fernando Aguiar

Policy Officer – Africa

Fernando built his expertise in a multifaceted approach raging from political communication and strategy, international politics, gender and conflict, in the Central-East African context. His exposure to policy making and diplomatic relations at the EU Institutions (EEAS) has provided a solid basis for his analytical understanding of contemporary issues, particularly in the field of gender in conflict prevention and peace processes in Central Africa and Middle-East.

He has a master in International Relations, with a specialization in Conflict and Security from the University of Kent. In addition to his native Portuguese, Fernando speaks English, Spanish and French.

Kate Jackson

Project Manager – Phoebus

Kate Jackson is a passionate advocate for mental health, multiculturalism and community well-being. Originating in Canada and currently a masters candidate at the University of Kent, Kate has developed a keen understanding of human interactions and community growth and development.

Before coming to Brussels, she worked as an English teacher in Europe and Asia and has been involved in a number of human rights and community development initiatives, she has worked in mental health clinics, cultural exchange centers and human rights organizations. Kate speaks English, German and French.

Daniel de A. Cabral

Online Media Editor

With a background in International Relations and Visual Arts, Daniel brings a creative perspective to our team’s online presence. For the past 3 years he has created and developed multimedia content for NGOs in Brussels through photography and video. He has also produced a series of video interviews with more the 100 professionals in Brussels compiled in an online audiovisual project. His cross-disciplinary experience gave him a diverse set of skills that have come together on his engagement with Human Rights and International Politics. Daniel speaks Portuguese, English and French.

Brandon Locke

Policy and Advocacy Director: Security and Conflict

Brandon has spent five years working in the fields of diplomacy, human rights, and development, and specializes in research related to conflict, migration, and International Humanitarian law. He currently works as a Policy and Advocacy Officer for Global Security and Development for ONE, where he focuses on policy research on state fragility and targeted advocacy to shape forward-thinking EU, G7, and G20 processes.

He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from Duke University and a M.A. in International Development at the University of Kent. Brandon speaks English and French.