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Our mission, values and goals

Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights (BIC) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental research organization based in the capital of Europe that is committed to facilitating multilevel responses to conflict and its effects on individuals.

We use our array of research background and experience to produce valuable insights into policy debates and political action taking place in the MENA region and the Sahel stretches. As an organization we utilize our interdisciplinary strengths to analyze fragile political transitions in war-affected settings and activate rehabilitation and reintegration efforts across cultural boundaries. We feel it is important to continually be mindful of both sides of the story and different perspectives while interpreting them into local contexts.

Our framework of activities is based on three interconnected orbits:

Social Outreach


Democratic Development

Feeding on each other, these three spheres combine a global perspective with actions focused on influencing the individual. Whether they are government leaders, policy makers, or individuals whose lives have been affected by conflict.

Our goal is to promote human rights issues through drawing connections, making insights created through interdisciplinary analysis and to help build partnerships between different regions and sectors. In this way, we are using our INSIGHTS, which has RESEARCH on its core, to inform our SOCIAL OUTREACH and DEMOCRATIC DEVELOPMENT programs.

These take the lessons learned through our research and make them usable for individuals and governments. The BIC-RHR builds connections. Between concepts, people and sectors. We hope that these bridges will aid in the promotion of peaceful and more resilient societies.